PoM steps up its green credentials


Here at PoM we’re dedicated to making changes that benefit the environment as well as our customers, which is why we constantly review our products, packaging and practises. Here are just a few of the ways we’ve reduced our environmental impact this past year:


  • We switched from PLASTIC bags for our scarves to a paper wrap, where this is possible.  To date we have SAVED more than 100,000 plastic bags going into landfill.


  • We have been using a RECYCLED plastic Bottle fibre in our recycled range of scarves since Spring 2020 – each scarf uses approximately 7 plastic bottles, so to date as we have saved 330,000 plastic bottles from going to landfill and they have been turned into beautiful wearable scarves


  • These scarves use 70% less energy and 80% less water compared to new fabric, so you can buy knowing you've not only got a beautiful gift but also prevented landfill and the use of fossil fuels.


  • Next Spring we look forward to introducing a 100% recycled plastic bottle scarf that uses 10 plastic bottles.


  • We have been increasingly using viscose and BAMBOO viscose, which is a natural material and made from a RENEWABLE source, and is also biodegradable.


  • We re-use as many packing materials as we can, recycling boxes and bags that are delivered to us and re-using them for shipping goods out.


  • We have put an end to importing our products by Airfreight, and opted for sea shipments instead:  A Defra study concludes that 2 tonnes of freight carried for 5,000km by a small container ship creates 150kg of CO2e (a measure of relative global warming potential) compared to 6,605kg of CO2e if the freight is carried by plane for the same distance.


  • We have switched to use 100% low impact renewable electricity in our warehouses and offices.
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