Behind The Scenes...



In the city of Bath, south-west UK

POM behind the scenes
- Aurelie wears silver-grey cotton poncho, silver plated wrap bracelets, scratch disc earrings,
summer hat (coming soon) -

Last Tuesday morning was not the bright and beautiful day we had envisaged
for our summer accessories photoshoot. Instead we were greeted with grey skies, wind and drizzle...
which I suppose is the average British summer.

We met our photographer Jesse Wild and our gorgeous model Aurelie in Bath
and headed for Sydney Gardens, a beautiful park just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre.

The parks in Bath are as beautiful as the city itself, crammed full of interesting buildings, bandstands and picturesque nooks & crannies, so we set up camp and got to work.

POM behind the scenes

We had meticulously planned the shoot (but unfortunately not the weather)
it doesn’t all just happen you know ;)

We’d planned poses, outfits, styles, and spent hours putting jewellery, scarves, hats and
bags together to get the exact look we wanted and I’m so glad we did
as it all went pretty smoothly.

Although that’s partly down to good planning, the cool expertise and professionalism
of Jesse and Aurelie was essential. With weather conditions far from ideal (and poor Aurelie
having to strip down to a t-shirt, jeans and sandals) the less faffing about the better.

POM behind the scenes
- Aurelie wears tropical print scarf, silver and gold plated cuff bracelet, golden leaf earrings -

So with a great mornings work under our belts we headed off for some lunch,
a warm up and some make up & outfit adjusting, then back out for a full afternoon.

We captured some wonderful walking shots across Pultney Street
and the Royal Crescent which involved Jesse sitting in the middle of the road.
Don’t worry, it’s a very wide road and his bravery was rewarded with an
unexpected break in the clouds and a chance to put some sun into our summer shoot.
At last.

Our last location of the day was The Green Bird Café at St Margaret’s buildings, one of my
favourite places to breakfast in Bath!

POM behind the scenes at The Green Bird in Bath
- The Green Bird Cafe in Bath is our favourite breakfast destination -

The Green Bird had very kindly agreed to let us use their outside seating area
but Jesse had other ideas and before we knew it, coffees and treacle tarts were ordered
and Aurelie was very happily settled in a nice warm window seat, much to the amusement of
a couple of gentlemen who later offered us their modelling services.  

POM behind the scenes Green Bird Cafe, Bath
- A warm window seat, hot coffee and handmade treacle tart make a welcome treat -

So that ended our day.

Our beautiful, patient and thoroughly thawed model made her way back to London,
we looked through the days photos, Jesse packed away his camera and off we all toddled home.

Jesse had assured us right away that we didn’t need the sun to get great summer images
and he was totally right. The photos are stunning and we can’t wait to get them out there.

We had a brilliant time and next week, we plan Winter.


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