Colour Me Happy

When blue skies have gone and been replaced with a grey that only the UK can muster, when the clouds, wind & rain arrive it's tempting to draw the curtains and hibernate...but this year we're fighting back with an abundance of colour that'll be sure to lift your spirits!

Colours can play an important part in our wellbeing and their influence upon our moods is widely recognised. Why not try a little self help this season by adding a burst of colour to banish winter blues?

Whether you're a Chromotherapy expert (Yes, there's a word for it!), or just find yourself drawn to a colour and can't put your finger on why, it's hard to argue with the power of colours and the effect they have on us.

It's the reason supermarkets use certain colours to make us feel hungry and spas use others to calm us, so find your perfect colour and wear it with confidence, it could be doing you the world of good!

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