Environmental Policy

PoM design and manufacture and wholesale hand made sterling silver jewellery.


Our activities involve the procurement and processing of natural resources and as such, this places upon us a direct obligation towards the environment.


1. Whilst upholding our tradition of supplying quality jewellery, built over more than fifteen years, and conducting our business in a profitable manner, PoM will continually assess and develop our environmental impact, efforts and strategy.

We will:

o Design our products so that their environmental impact during manufacture, use and disposal is diminished.

o Use raw materials, water and energy efficiently, in order to diminish our effect on the environment.

o Reduce emissions and waste from our activities.

o Identify opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of our activities at an early stage, and adopt these changes where appropriate;

o Maintain high standards of safety at work for our employees whilst promoting staff awareness of environmental issues and encouraging responsible attitudes towards the environment.

o Co-operate with our suppliers, customers and other business partners to achieve higher environmental standards.



2. Peace of Mind care about the environment and we are committed to continuous improvement to reduce, re-use, recycle and also to create sustainable solutions:


We conserve energy wherever possible:

o Turn off all electrical appliances and computer equipment when not in use, not leave them on standby.

o Use rechargeable batteries for all our mobile appliances

Waste minimisation and recycling

o We reduce, re-use and recycle waste materials, where-ever possible.

o Recycle waste - paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, all metals, computer parts and all packaging.

o Return toner cartridges to suppliers and in turn use recycled toner cartridges

o Re-use printed paper for internal work.

o Recycle shredded paper by donating it to a local Community farm for use with their animals.

o Minimise paper use by storing information digitally rather than paper files and using email wherever possible.

o Use 100% recycled paper for printing and stationary products where possible.


3. General

o By placing Hippo bags into our toilet cisterns at head office, we have reduced our water usage by one litre per toilet each time it is flushed. This may not sound like much, but when you consider that we have 10 team members each flushing a toilet on average 3 times a day, 250 days a year, this equates to a saving of approximately 7500 litres of water each year.


We also:

o Provide fair trade and organic tea and coffee to staff

o Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

o Ensure all employees know and understand this policy and what is expected of them.


Encourage all employees to:

o Lift share, thereby minimising car journeys,

o Use environmentally sustainable transport methods to commute, and for business journeys wherever practical

o Support our local authority’s green travel objectives.

o Adopt responsible Environmental practices at home.

o Suggest improvements to our Environmental Policy.


Encourage our suppliers and service providers to:

o Have, or to be developing, an environmental policy statement;

o Comply with environmental legislation, regulations and government guidance.

We will constantly seek to improve our environmental performance through:

o monitoring systems,

o target setting,

o annual reports

o policy reviews,

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