How it all began

Peace of Mind Silver Jewellery Wholesale was born from a love of travel and an appreciation for art, aesthetics and beautiful jewellery.

In 1985 two students from Kingston University, Christine Holden (Modern Arts) and Simon Beck (Economics) managed to save enough money from part time jobs to fund an extended vacation to India and Nepal.

Whilst there, they fell in love with many things: the beauty of the scenery; the warm hospitality and generosity of people who could little afford it; the food (of course) and also the time honoured methods of stone cutting and silversmithing.

On returning to the UK they decided that after graduation they would set up a jewellery design company, creating their own unique designs and employing the traditional manufacturing skills of artisans in developing countries.

In 1989, inspired by their love of nature and exotic travels, a passion for colour and great design, Holden and Beck created the Peace of Mind concept. Using a rich mix of semi precious stones and the finest quality sterling silver they began to develop stunning collections that constantly evolve, are always fashionable, easily wearable and affordable.

To this day, Peace of Mind continues to design and wholesale silver jewellery that is stylish, versatile and delicately hand crafted to provide the wearer with unique and individual self expression.

These characteristics are reflected in every piece of Peace of Mind silver jewellery we design.

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